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Keep laptops and iPads secure

Laptop and iPad Storage Units

With computer laptops increasingly being used by both education and businesses, storage lockers

provide a safe and easy way for storing laptops or iPads for offices, teachers staff rooms, students,

government, training, corporate applications, library or individual storage where many more

computers are stored.


The laptop storage units allows for easy access and security.


The storage lockers can be configured into logical units:

– with hasp padlocks;

– comes in a variety of colours;

– 16 melamine high moisture resistance board;

– anti bacterial;

– integral sloping tops or flat tops; and

– lockers are made to order, no quantity is too big or too small.

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– Inside iPad: H 50 x W 250 x D 284

Overall: H 1595 x W 325 x D 350 x 15

– Inside laptops: H 132 x W 370 x D 450

Overall: H 1985 x W 475 x D 500 x 10